AllieBradley-thumb-1280x854-100099‘Running for Cover’ sees the return of Irish Music and Television Awards nominee Allie Bradley. This is the follow-up to 2012’s ‘Two’, her fourth EP overall and quite possibly, the record that launches her in to popular music consciousness.

The Meagher native presents us this time around with five tracks. This record is a richer listening experience compared to her previous work as she makes use of a full band to embellish her material. Lead single Running For Cover is a lovely piece of pop music. The lyrics may be slightly down beat “even when the night becomes too long, even still my search goes on and on”, however the music is upbeat and carries the song along really well. This coupled with a very impressive voice is surely reason enough for the EP to catch your attention.

Arguably the highlight of the EP is Told You So, it’s a laid back piece of music with the band at a minimum and this allows Allie’s vocals to come to the forefront. The sound is a slight change from the pop and folk that she is known for. This has much more of a blues feel then previous efforts. When the guitar does kick in, it’s a wonderful 60’s jangle which makes for a very pleasant sound.

There are big things expected from Allie over the coming year, this EP has a video released with the lead single. The quality of the songs on offer here are a sure sign of bigger things to come. There is a much broader range of influences then in her previous releases, from the folk sound that she has been known for, to rock and blues. Always front and centre is her voice and it is absolutely her greatest asset. Having been tipped to break out of the underground scene for a while, (an album was rumoured last year), this may very well be a significant launch for her. Having been covered extensively by local media in Northern Ireland, this EP should get the attention of music fans much further afield.