Aidan Logan - Facing Forward - coverIf it’s pure unadulterated pop you’re after, you won’t do much better than this EP ‘Facing Forward’ by Aidan Logan. The Northern lad has four polished, well produced, likeable and radio friendly tunes that are a breath of fresh air in a time of dance beats and sea shanties dominating the airwaves. There’s no gimmicks, no style stunts, no image peddling, just songs – and bloody good ones at that.

Tell Me has a ’60s country twang about it and a bopping chorus in the vein of the Strypes or a more sedate Miles Kane. However, let’s not get confused, this song is not masquerading as an indie tune, it’s pop in all intents and purposes and will definitely appeal to those who are fond of the Irish country music scene.

Matter of Fact is quite soulful and reminds the listener of the hugely underrated Downpatrick band Relish – the tinkling keys and dropbeat make sure this song stays with you long after listening and is a bit of a surprise compared to what’s gone before it.

Blue-eyed soul is also the theme of I Just Want To (Let You Know) and a motif is developing. The honkytonk country flecked tones of Tell Me could easily earn Logan a fortune touring the Midlands alone, but there is more depth to the lad and it tells on songs such as this.

Unfinished Melody is an MOR tune that is a little twee but very pleasing on the ear – a perfect song to appeal to the masses and get himself played on mainstream radio. If Garth Brooks hears this while in Ireland this summer, he may just hire Logan to write a few songs for him. The strings are a nice touch and give the track the big production feel that the writing deserves.

You’ve got to admire the versatility Logan shows on just four songs. He’s clearly a ridiculously talented songwriter and he can flit between styles very easily. He hits all the right notes vocally and even the most hardened fans of alternative music would find it hard not to find his music palatable. Let your inhibitions go and just enjoy this EP for what it is.