AbandcalledboyThere has been an influx of bands in Ireland which err on the punk side of the alternative scene. This is something which is championed by underground and relatively new label, Chew Your Own Fat. The latest release from this exciting label comes from Abandcalledboy. Their EP is called ‘Dead Academics’; a typically punk title for a typically punk collection of songs.

What becomes immediately clear is that this band is not concerned about modernity in music, striking elements from early ‘oos nu-metal and classic 1970s punk. The most outstanding track on this EP is the title track, Dead Academics.  This could have come from a dusty vault of unreleased Dead Kennedys songs. Right down to the monotone vocals and the tempestuous baseline, this is an out and out, gritty punk song.

Interesting additions to this EP are two live tracks from SERC MAPA, a groundbreaking music workshop in Bangor. As well as a live version of Dead Academics we are treated to Expect less, achieve more, a thrusting and refreshing number which maintains the tempo of the EP.

There is no sense in labeling this as a phenomenal EP and it would seem that the band did not set out to be anchored with that particular adjective. While it is enjoyable and artistically crafted, it is lacking that pulsating thing that compels you to love a song, album or EP. That being said, there is a sense of anticipation in the EP that hints towards this band’s true potential.  It leaves a moreish taste in the listener’s mouth and a wonderment about what else this band can deliver.