Today marks 15 Years of GoldenPlec.

We'd just like to take this moment to thank each and every person who has visited the site, clicked 'Like', 'RT' or 'Share' on a post, come to a gig, visited one of our stages at a festival or watched one of our videos.

To all the promoters, managers, labels and execs we've worked with in order to cover as much music as we can. To the bands who've sent us their music to review, invited us to their shows, played one of our gigs, let us interview them, joined us for a photoshoot or simply just said hello to us on Twitter.

But most of all to the GoldenPlec team who give their time, passion, talent and enthusiasm to everything they do. GP is a fully volunteer run endeavour. GP isn't set up to make money (nor do we) - we all do it for the want and enjoyment of Irish music and music in general. Although, if anyone wants to hand us a big bag of cash dollars, please do, that'd be really grand.

We pride ourselves in our coverage of Irish music, choosing to cover all types of music in Ireland. From popular music to classical - we cover it all. Not just the so-called 'cool' music scenes out there.

Some GoldenPlec numbers over the years:
- 13,272 news articles
- 1,459 (mostly Irish) album reviews
- 1,634 features
- 1,769 live reviews
- 1,554 gig photo galleries
- 10,000,000+ individual website visitors
- 140 team members (29 active writers, 32 active photographers)
- 9 Editors
- 4 Choice Award judges
- 24 'GoldenPlec Presents' gigs
- 2 charity campaigns (raising €10,000+)
- 8 curated stages at Irish festivals
- 401 photoshoots
- 84 video shoots
- 1 (now defunct) web forum
- 3 Irish Web Awards (Best Music Site in Ireland)
- 1 wee thank you to Arthur Guinness ;)
- 1 GoldenPlec wedding (more to come)
- 1 Lego-based worldwide viral story
- 1 Lego-related potential law suit
- 7 website redesigns
- 4 brand refreshes
- 1 GoldenPlec