Waterford isn’t a place usually thought of as being at the forefront of the Irish music scene, yet in recent years bands such as O Emperor have begun to change that. One of Waterford’s most promising new acts is KodaKid. Below you can check out their latest single, the fantastic Shake Skin.

The sound is straight up indie rock but with a funk and soul element, there is also something reminiscent of The Black Keys. Lead singer, Kev Power, has a deep, powerful voice which is perfectly complimented by dirty guitar and a driving beat. The song should come with a warning, if you don’t want to have it stuck in your head all day then do not listen; then again you’re unlikely to complain about wanting to listen to this on repeat.

Hopefully Shake Skin will be picked up by radio and get the airplay it deserves. If this single is anything to go by, and if KodaKid can produce an album of the same quality, they could well be one of the biggest things to come out of the Irish music scene in a long time.

Shake Skin is available as a free download from 9th February