This week’s The Plec Picks is a stomper and has some great tunes in it for your aural pleasure!

Incase you’ve never experienced The Plec Picks (listen to older playlists) or are a little confused about what The Plec Picks are, the GP team jot down what their most listened to songs of the week are and we make a lovely playlist of all the songs for everyone to enjoy. It’s interesting to hear what everyone’s listening to and it’s a chance to cast your ears on something different and you might even discover some tastey new music!

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What’s in there?

Director // Reconnect (Chosen by Deirdre Harrison)

One of the best Irish bands of the decade, releasing one of the finest debut Irish album’s of all time with ‘We Thrive On Big Cities’, which had them touted to be the next U2. Second album ‘I’ll Wait For Sound’ just didn’t receive the promotion it deserved for such a fine release and led to the band all but disappearing from the music scene. After listening to them a lot this week, in particular their biggest hit ‘Reconnect’ I can’t help but think Director should be a major international act by now!

The National // Slipping Husband (Chosen by Jonathan Klein)

Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers, The National’s 2nd album, has occupied my attention all week, with some really incredible songs. This one probably tops them, with a beautiful riff and a breakdown that eventually explodes into an epic outro. Great song, great album.

Caitlin Rose // Piledriver Waltz (Chosen by Justin McDaid)

Caitlin Rose is only class. She covered a couple of Arctic Monkeys tracks on a limited edition 7″ for this year’s Record Store day. I didn’t buy it. Better than the original for my money (that I didn’t spend).

Bifffy Clyro // Machines (Chosen by Bernard O’Rourke)

For the week that’s in it, let this dark, sad, sexy, awesome little tune make up for the fact that these guys won’t be showing up in Dublin until next March.

Everything Everything // Cough Cough (Chosen by Sean Noone)

I heard it on the radio during the week and literally stopped where I stood to listen to it. It just sounds like nothing else.

Jessica Hoop // Born to (Chosen by Niall Healy)

Catchy as hell number form everybody’s favey Mancunian based Californian Mormon.

Romeo Void // Never Say Never (Chosen by Claire Kane)

Why do I like it? It’s got that quintessential ’80s vibe, saxophone and also, I don’t loaded the GTA radio app this week and I am ADDICTED to Wave 103 from Vice City!

Paramore // Decode (Chosen by Liam Doyle)

I’ve been on a serious, nostalgic Paramore thing as of late. I was never a big fan but I always loved this song.
Also, the first time I saw this was on someone’s Bebo page. Yeah! Bebo! remember when that was a thing?!

Jape // Scorpio (Chosen by Steohen Byrne)

Yet another great song from Ireland’s premier songsmith Richie Egan. Scorpio will have you humming and toetapping instantly after just one listen.

Eels // Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living) (Chosen by Aisling O’Brien)

I watched a terrible film last week and fortunately the only thing that stayed with me was this song. It’s one of those songs that never gets old.

The Wooden Birds // Believe In Love (Chosen by Seán Cullivan)

I found this song while hanging around on the Narnia-like world of good music by bands I’ve never heard of on YouTube.

On this song the echo and shimmer of the guitar immediately sucked me in and the groove kept me there. Believe In Love is a nice quiet tune and great rainy day listening. I love the mellow vibe and mood that’s there the whole way through.

Anything else by The Wooden Birds that I’ve listened to after discovering this has been impressive.

Stevie Nicks // Edge of Seventeen (Chosen by Ros Madigan)

You just can’t beat that riff – perfection. Reminding us once again that Stevie Nicks is the Queen of all things great in this world.

Bloc Party // We Are Not Good People (Chosen by Sean Smyth)

Took a few listens but I’ve decided that I like Bloc Party’s newest album “Four”. Been a massive fan for years and I saw them when they played Oxegen before they fecked off on their hiatus and I remember them saying that they’d be back “soon”. Sure, “soon” is subjective but 3 years is a bit much! But, in saying that, I’m massively looking forward to their gig in February and it’s only a few days after my birthday!

Adebisi Shank // Colin Skehan (Chosen by Sean Conroy)

With news of Album #3 on the way, Adebisi Shank fans have been scratching their head about what the possible title might be. Here’s their finest moment from their debut for you to listen to as you too ponder the possibilities.

Purity Ring // Belispeak (Chosen by David Dooley)

It’s been a while since I’ve been so hooked on a new act but after listening to Purity Ring’s debut album no less than twenty times in a row it’s safe to say I’m sold.

Rachel Boyd // Back in your Box (Chosen by Kevin Donnellan)

Rachel Boyd played Workman’s the other night to a handful of people. She was great and her EP is great. She’ll hopefully be playing to a lot more people soon.

Matt Corby // Brother (Chosen by Greg Synnott)

I’m going to be seeing Matt Corby in Whelans next month and love the acoustic stripped down version of this track. A voice compared to Jeff Buckleys, Matt is an Aussie talent on the rise.

Bright Eyes // You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will. (Chosen by Niall Swan)

There’s very few voices out there as soothing and calming as Conor Oberst’s. During a stressful assignment filled week, Mr Bright Eyes has kept my blood pressure low and my spirits high!

Biffy Clyro // Stingin’ Belle (Chosen by Aidan Cuffe)

New song from the new Biffy Clyro album ‘Opposites’ and considering they just announced that they will play The O2, Dublin in March, it seemed apt. Not a bad song either.

Modest Mouse // Float On (Chosen by Alice Goodwin)

By far one of my favourite songs ever. Since Electric Picnic 2010, I’ve loved this band, and this track sums it all up.

The Lumineers // Ho Hey (Chosen by Claire Beck)

This gem has been floating around since last April, but didn’t really blow up over here. Thankfully, it’s getting a full release next month. Delighted, as EVERYONE needs to hear it! Catch them in Whelans 16th February.