We like nothing more than a bop around the dance floor to songs about communist dictators and if you feel that way too then sadly you’ll just have to pretend Spies latest single Ho Chi Minh is about the man and not the city.

“I wrote the lyrics to Ho Chi Minh when I was travelling in Vietnam with two friends. I started it one night when I had to sleep in the reception of a hostel because I was too late to check in. In a makeshift bed/leather couch with a towel as a blanket, I conjured up the first few lines of the song. The song is mainly about friendship and the care-free time the three of us shared together.”

Not a shred of the Viet Cong kicking America’s ass to be found here lads. However, Ho Chi Minh – the 3rd single to be taken from Spies debut album ‘Constancy’ (Nov 23) – is yet another indication that the Spies boys have been keeping a quality album under lock and key for several years. Bold.