Bristol’s Elder Island return with Don’t Lose, a track which too the trio about 3 years to complete due to their unusual creative process.

The track originated from the recording sessions for the group’s second EP ‘Seeds in Sand’.

“A lot of ideas came from that time and it was hard to turn everything into a finished song. Our forthcoming single Don’t Lose was one of them,” explained the group in a recent interview with GoldenPlec.

“We had some of the vocals and some rough ideas, but what the song was then is dramatically different to what it is now. Over the years we had more cracks at it, but it wasn’t until this year while working on our debut album that we gathered every recording we could find of it. Out of all of them, it was a dodgy phone recording that excited us the most, so we used that as our base.”

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Elder Island play The Grand Social, Dublin on October 30th. Tickets €15.00.