Originally from Kildare, CPNHGN are a band on the rise. Claiming inspiration from such sources as Sonic Youth, Joy Division and The Wire, no one can say that their influence isn’t promising. With their debut album on its way this year, and their first single Cry Wolf released, and well, the future for these guys is bright.

Lured by the GoldenPlec crew to the National Concert Hall, with promises of tea and toast, the guys performed single When Nobody’s Talking in one of the stairwells hidden deep in the maze-like depths of the concert hall. Their beautiful combination of melody and harmony, echoing in the huge natural reverb of their surroundings, made for quite a sound indeed, as their video will testify.

This one is another video from of our Coast to Coast: Tea & Toast charity event back at Easter and this is the stunning video from Musicians With Cameras.