Following the release of debut EP ‘Calm Girls’ in 2016, Pillow Queens have made a habit of dropping a significant release every two years. With ‘Name Your Sorrow’, 2024 is no exception. What is exceptional, however, is the consistent quality amidst all the quantity.

While debut album ‘In Waiting’ (2020) solidified the sonic foundations laid down by those early EPs (2018’s ‘State Of The State’ still warrants repeat listens), and 2022’s ‘Leave The Light On’ refined that sound, ‘Name Your Sorrow’ serves not as a career U-turn, but rather a massive acceleration.

Packing a dozen emotional punches, the album wraps fluid, potent guitar work around sage, insightful and often self-reflective lyricism. Tuneful, yet raw, the album makes use of the classic Pixies quiet-loud dynamic and tasteful guitar distortion to meet its uncompromisingly honest subject matter. Still, the band are no one-note wonders, with plenty of sonic variety to keep the listener engaged.

Highlights include the carefree Like A Lesson (“I thank my luck stars you didn’t treat me like the rest”), the fuzzed out bliss of Heavy Pour, the dream pop inspired, colossal build of The Bar’s Closed and closing comforter Notes On Worth, it’s parting mantra “I don’t wanna go home alone this weekend / I think I’m worth the time.

Undoubtedly one of the most vital voices of our time and place, Pillow Queens have done it yet again on ‘Name Your Sorrow’. An album of raw passion, it’s an early contender for Irish album of the year.