Side 4 Collective’s unique creative approach to songwriting has saw them team up with the likes of Josh Ritter and Paul Noonan to write songs upon drummer Dave Hingerty’s beats reversing the traditional process of how songs are pieced together.

Their latest single Battles brings together the talents of Joe Chester and Sarah McQuillan for a Radiohead-esque piano ballad. The results are even more impressive when you consider that Sarah and Joe have never met in person.

“I was really happy when he approached me about the Side 4 Collective, such a 21st century concept. It’s certainly not my usual way of collaborating but it seems a very apt project for the times in which we are living and during which we are all discovering new ways of working and living. A massive tip of the hat must go to Sarah, whom I’ve never met, for turning in such a powerful vocal performance,” says Joe Chester of Battles.

“By the time what would become Battles reached me, it was a track containing Dave’s hypnotic drumbeat and Joe’s beautiful piano piece and on first listen it inspired the melody,” explains McQuinllan, who usually performs under the moniker of Haokah.

Chester, who lives in France, does not appear in the video with Ruth Kennington deputising on piano for him. Side 4 Collective’s debut album ‘We Burn Bright’ featuring Josh Ritter, Paul Noon and others is set for release on May 29th.

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