Soda blonde have been keeping themselves busy during lockdown writing and recording their new EP Isolation – Content the follow up to their wonderful 2019 debut Terrible Hands  – read our review here.

‘Isolation – Content’ finds Soda Blonde in fine fettle with Faye O’Rourke and Co experimenting with a new songwriting process in the age of social distancing.

“The alchemy of this project is simple: after the initial sample is taken from me, it’s then sent off to the lab where Adam can dissect and analyse what the fuck is going on. He makes a few suggestions about structure and then lays down the foundational ‘vibe’ for the track. It’s then sent off to the rhythm section for further critical analysis and expansion before making its way back to me to hear the first draft of the song. Not long into early stages of the project the brief abruptly changed. It shifted from the previous pursuit of sanity and time consumption into something immensely more important. Our usual work ethic of meticulousness and devotion to every detail was reinstated,“ explains O’Rourke.

The EP is accompanied by a video for June which is a bittersweet lament about the possibility of meeting friends and loved ones on the other side of lockdown.

Listen to the ‘Isolation Content’ EP in full below and read or Plec Picks 2020 interview with the band here.