If you have a gig and no one else can play it, and if you can find them then…. maybe you can hire the ä team. Mayo’s Shithätt have been busy punks so far in 2019. Hot on the heals of the recently released ‘+3 Songs’ EP, comes the blistering Bedlam.

Shithätt are a band not content with just writing down a bunch of words just to fit a riff. Singer JF Donnelly explains Bedlam is about the perceived rise of the far right across Europe and also of “the ‘new’ or ‘alt’ left’s failure in combating or confronting this, not just in terms of the Other, but in terms of the Self.”

It also ties in with conversations Donnelly had with Shithätt drummer John (Henry) about the relationship between music, politics, technology and advertising, specifically in regards to the Repeal the 8th movement – “Now we have people throwing milkshakes on corporate fascist puppets and we’re all either laughing or getting on our high horse about the rights of the person”.

Donnelly clearly doesn’t hold back on the likes of Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson “these fucks uphold the sale of weapons of mass destruction, actively create things like poverty and ecological instability and influence boot boys, that will one day come and show us one what toxic masculinity really is.”

Musically Bedlam is a sleeker, refined version of Shithätt than we have previously heard before, but no less incendiary.

The video for Bedlam is self-made montage of live footage collected over the course of 2018, including appearances at festivals such as Knockanstockan.