// Who now?

“Travis Oaks = constantly shifting between indie, blues, punk and rock. Travis Oaks is Michael Paterson, Taran Plouzane, Aran McGillick and Killian McCourt

// Listen how?



// Have you been to Vantastival before?

“We played last year on the Melomania stage, so we only got day passes for the Saturday, but a girl in the office had seen our cover of the Hot Sprockets tune, Bad Jim, so she gave us full weekend artist’s passes. It was our first ever festival and it’s great to be back this year as part of the main festival.”

// Van Morrison or a VW Van?

“That’s tough – they’ve both been going since the ’60s and are adored by hippies all over the world. Probably VW vans, because even VW has a better personal life history than Van Morrison.”

// What can we expect from a Travis Oaks live show?

“We’re complimented all the time on our energy. We give every show as much as we possibly can. People always say how fun we are just to watch as well as enjoying the music hopefully!”

// Your song Birdhouse Blues – what’s so blue about them anyway?

“They’re sad because they still can’t figure out exactly how they get the fig in the Fig Rolls.”

// What are your festival essentials?

“Beer, acoustic guitars for sessions, and remembering to bring the tent poles along with the tent – we forgot them once.”

// What plans do ye have coming up for 2015?

“Trip to London, a single release early in the summer, and recording a new EP over the summer!”


Travis Oaks play The GoldenPlec Grotto Stage on Sunday at Vanastival.
Click here of all the info.