// Who now?

“R.S.A.G. = Rarely Seen Above Ground. Jeremy Hickey’s multi-instrument solo project.”

// Listen how?




// Have you been to Vantastival before? If yes, what is your favourite memory?

“This’ll be my fourth appearance at the festival. I love the whole Vantastival experience. It’s like a family affair for me at this stage. It’s run by a great bunch of people. The surroundings are really cool and there is a lovely vibe to the festival in general.”

// Van Morrison or a VW van?

“I’m a big fan of VWs. Unfortunately, I don’t have a van but a reliable VW Golf that has brought me and my kit around the country for 12 years now. It still baffles people as to how I can fit an entire show into the back of it … Usually with less than a square inch to spare. Fact. And yes, I was good at Tetris.”

// What can we expect from a R.S.A.G. live show?

“Everything! My live shows have been described as getting more aggressive lately – I wasn’t sure I agreed with that but when I look back and assess the damage that has been done to myself and my gear then it sort of makes sense. Now after a show, if there is blood on my kit, I know it was a good show.”

// What are your festival essentials?

“Drums come in handy. I reckon I sweat about seven litres during my set so water is always top of my list.”

// As a multi-instrumentalist, what’s your favourite instrument to play live?

“The cowbell! I love finding new instruments, or at least things I can get a sound off. My gas cylinder plays a big roll in my music and I’m getting nice sounds off plenty of my kitchen utensils lately – back to my roots of banging pots and pans for hours on the kitchen floor when I was a wee lad!”

// If you’re rarely seen above ground, where can you be seen?

“I spent most of my between the studio and the stage in Ireland and France – and in bed where possible! With festival season about to kick off, bed will probably be replaced with my car.”

// What plans do you have coming up for 2015?

“It’s been an unexpectedly busy year already in the studio and on the road. Really looking forward to kicking off festival season with Vantastival. I’m also playing B.A.R.E. In The Woods, Valentia Isle, Sea Sessions, Indiependence, Feile Na Bealtaine, with a few more to be confirmed. As well as that I’ll be working with Jerry Fish and finishing off my album. I have a very exciting project in the pipeline which I will be working on between Paris and Berlin. It will hopefully make its way to Ireland later in the year.”

R.S.A.G plays The GoldenPlec Grotto Stage on Saturday at Vanastival.
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