1545196_860090374002727_7668814519756462713_nWho now?

Gavin Glass & The Holy Shakers we are a 6 piece rock band from Dublin, Kildare, New Jersey and Virginia.

Listen How?


Who are your favourite Irish artists at the moment?

The Hot Sprockets, Edisons, Kicking Bird and The Eskies.

Apart from the #GoldenBeck gig, what’s coming up for you this year?

Releasing my 4th record. It’s been a really difficult album to make. Kind of like a tumour, I want to get lanced off my head.

The last text message you sent is your next album title. What is it?

“What are the chances of Danny dressing up as Eddie Munster and you as Herman for Halloween”.

Send us a photo and explain:

Gavin Glass Studio - USA “This is me recording in Sun Studios in Memphis, standing in Elvis’ spot! Myself and a couple of songwriter friends went over to Nashville and Memphis earlier this year and we recorded a few songs in the legendary studio where Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins all recorded their first singles.”

Gavin Glass plays our ‘GoldenPlec & Claire Beck Presents…’ night at The Workmans on 23rd October.
8pm – €5

 Check out all the info here.