// Who now?

“Richly textured alt folk delivered by brothers Richie and James Martin.”

// Listen how?


//Have you been to Vantastival before? If yes, what is your favourite memory?

“Yes, Vantastival was the first festival that we ever played. We were on early in the day as a two piece and now we are returning for a night time slot with the full band, so it will be different but will show the growth that we have gone through as a band. We’re very excited. Our favourite memory is the second time we played Vantastival. We had a crowd running in circles around the centre pole of the tent to our music.”

// Van Morrison or a VW Van?

“Van Morrison. He is one of our favourite artists ever.”

// What can we expect from a Cry Monster Cry live show?

“It depends. We sometimes do intimate acoustic shows just the two of us. We strip things right back to basics. It’s a good way to connect with the crowd. Other times we have the full band on the go and we like to bring energy and showcase what we do.”

// Who are yer other favourite sets of famous brothers?

“The Everly brothers, The Gallaghers, The Wilson brothers.”

// What are yer festival essentials?

“Baby wipes.”

//How do you make a monster cry?

“Take its mandolin away.”

// What plans do you have coming up for 2015?

“We will be touring more, bringing our live shows to places that we haven’t been before. We also plan to begin recording new material.”

Cry Monster Cry play The GoldenPlec Grotto Stage on Sunday at Vanastival.
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