// Who now?

“CPNHGN = emotional, accessible tracks crafted with a new dynamic. CPNHGN is Conor Wilkins, Ste Devine, Donal Fleming and Kevin Brew.

// Listen how?



// Have you been to Vantastival before?

“This is our first Vantastival. I reckon we are looking forward to actually playing live again. We have been quite busy writing new songs for the last six months. From the photos we have seen the GP Grotto Stage looks really cool! Playing festivals is such a great experience. I’m sure Vantastival will be no different.”

// Van Morrison or a VW Van?

“How could we choose? Probably VW vans because it involves hearing way less harmonica.”

// What can we expect from a CPNHGN live show?

“We are somewhat obsessive with the tone of our amps, guitars and drums. We are always trying to improve how the band sounds and we are very proud of what it sounds like at the moment! So hopefully it should sound nice and expansive. We also love a bit of contrast in the songs, both melodically and volume-wise. So expect quiet soft melodies one second, and a good solid kick the next.”

// Why the discrimination of vowels?

“A very long and boring story. After previous band names we wanted something to make it easier for us to get to the top of Google search results. We have nothing against a good vowel!”

// What are your festival essentials?

“As a punter, three Glastonburys taught me that brushing my teeth can feel like having a shower – so, a toothbrush. Also, a half-warm beer.”

// What’s the most Danish thing about yer music?

“We ate a shit load of Danish pastries while we recorded the album. I’m fairly certain there were several hundred cans of Tuborg consumed while writing it. It’s the beer of Danish kings.

// What plans do ye have coming up for 2015?

“Right now, we are working on our second release, not sure yet if it will be an album or an EP. While we love the whole writing and creation of new songs, its also great to get out and play them. So we will continue playing festivals and gigs while we get it finished!”


CPNHGN play The GoldenPlec Grotto Stage on Friday at Vanastival.
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