MBVYes, ladies and gentlemen! It’s the news you and many like you have all been waiting for and thought you’d never hear. At 9.20 this evening, alternative rock legends My Bloody Valentine announced that a new website, and more importantly, a new album, their first in twenty two years,  would be available tonight. At midnight, the website (found here) was launched, but crashed almost immediately underneath the huge demand. Whilst no one has managed to hear the album as of yet, we can reveal the album will be called ‘MBV’ and the track-listing is as follows:

01. she found now
02. only tomorrow
03. who sees you
04. is this and yes
05. if i am
06. new you
07. in another way
08. nothing is
09. wonder 2

It will be available on CD, Vinyl and for download, once the website starts working again. So warm up those fingers, wipe down your keyboard and join us in pushing F5 until the wee hours of the morning!

UPDATE – Full Album Stream is now online: