Walking On Cars at The Academy, Dublin on December 8th 2013-13-bannerWalking On Cars in The Academy, Dublin on December 8th 2013

Two sold-out shows at The Academy are the reward for the huge amount of hard work Walking On Cars have put into their music. The band spent a year hidden away in the outbacks of Kerry, before emerging into the world to win the Red Bull Bedroom Jam in 2012. They are much more than a bedroom band now, and they commanded the affections of a heaving Academy two nights in a row.

A piano build welcomes the band to the stage before they unleash Tick Tock, a slow indie-pop tune with a powerful chorus that explodes out of the quieter verse. Don’t Mind Me is another track that is very impressive with catchy riffs appearing on piano and guitars. Sheehy’s stage presence when not holding a guitar can be a bit strange though. It looks as if he is unsure of where to put his hands, and instead just waves them about vaguely. This trait makes him look a bit uncomfortable onstage, but does add a distinctive style to his on-stage presence; his vocals don’t suffer because of it, so if that’s what  finds natural, then he should stick with it.

The band do try to add a sense of uniqueness to the idea of a cover, but rather than settle on just one tune, they mash up a whole bunch of songs into one, messy performance. Pass Out, Impossible and Where Is The Love are just some of the songs that work their way into this disastrous attempt to appeal to the audience. It really doesn’t work, with the band lurching from one snippet to the next with little cohesion between the various samples. They should really perfect just one cover and stick with that, rather than playing this medley.

This blip is the only blot on what is a very strong performance from Walking On Cars. The band’s new tracks are as good as the old, and the rapturous applause that greets them as they return on stage for the encore is proof  of the huge following they have gathered. Catch Me If You Can closes the set, and with yet another catchy chorus, is a brilliant way to wrap up the show. There are still a few things that the band need to work on, but certainly this show proves that they are heading in the right direction.

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