Vann Music at Academy 2 on June 28th 2013

‘Electro Shock Dreams’ is the début EP by Vann Music, and tonight’s gig sees the band launch it in style at Academy 2. The four-piece have been busy building a reputation as a quality live act, and they’re more than ready to step up to the mark for their first headline show.

The magnificent dream-poppers Sleep Thieves provide support; their performance is marked by the wonderful showmanship of frontwoman Sorcha Brennan, and the gorgeous atmospheric haze they generate with tracks such as Oceans and Islands. The band conjure up a sound that is ethereal and dreamy, and they deliver an enthralling performance.

Vann Music open with Be My Balloon, a song that contains all the components that make the band such a quality act. A strong beat pounds, and the catchy choruses are performed enthusiastically by frontman Smyth. The band ooze confidence and self-belief, contributing to a powerful on-stage presence. Life In Real Time, the lead single from their EP, sounds massive, with a big bassline and an instantly memorable chorus that demands to be sung along to. Tina is another stand-out track, and has a more sombre mood, with a strong synth-line and the obligatory chorus filled with catchy hooks. Interaction with the crowd is good, with the band inviting the audience to the after-party. This friendly rapport, combined with the energetically performed tunes, fills the venue with a buzzing, lively atmosphere.

The band make a bold move in covering the David Bowie classic Let’s Dance, but pull it off successfully, making it their own without shedding any of the original brilliance of the song.  However, if there is one criticism to level at the band, it is that their sound is very ’80s. They are clearly well capable of writing likeable pop songs, but at times the overall sound seems a bit dated, and it almost feels as if the band have arrived on the scene thirty years too late. Still, if they are able to keep releasing tracks of the calibre of Life In Real Time, then there is a bright future for Vann Music.

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Photos: Aaron Corr