Here we are in the 3Arena and it’s kind of a big deal. It’s the long awaited return of Dundalk’s resident rockers The Corrs, currently in the midst their White Light Tour. It’s been over 10 years since their last tour, and after a string of shows in the UK, it’s time to rock Dublin to the rafters. Speaking of rafters, the venue is packed to them. As the crowds pour in, excitement is high, as are expectations.

Kicking off the night with some trendy visuals, the band open with new track I Do What I Like, joined by favourites like Give Me a Reason, Forgiven Not Forgotten, and What Can I Do. With their signature style retained on the new record, and a fresh arrangement given to the older hits, the set list is seamless. New fans would struggle to differentiate.

Descending from behind her drum kit, Caroline joins the fam centre stage for some acoustic tracks, while Jim moves effortlessly between the strings and the keys. Andrea’s vocals are right on the money and she soars through every song with ease and a slightly raspy tone at times, yet she makes all the right choices to add light and shade to each song. The end results are simply stunning.

A highlight of the night occurs when the venue breaks out into a full chorus during Runaway. Andrea happily kicks back and takes it all in. Ellis Island is a standout of the new tracks performed tonight. Both lyrically and instrumentally, it tells a timeless tale of emigration that’s still relevant to many today.

Armed with a quiver of feadóga (Irish tin whistles), Andrea wastes no time between singing her cúpla focail on Gaelic track Buachaill ón Éirne, all the time reinforcing that Celtic fusion they do so well. After being treated to a mellow performance of Love To Love You, the audience are somewhat pensive.

As the extended intro to the next track plays out, equally familiar yet indiscernible, the crowd lulls momentarily. Then it happens. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. That guitar solo kicks in, and all hell breaks loose. Leaping from their seats, the venue rise to their feet in a fist-pumping frenzy for the much anticipated performance of Only When I Sleep. Once again Andrea belts out those big notes effortlessly.

Continuing on with Dreams, Kiss of Life, and I Never Really Loved You Anyway, the night comes to a close with So Young. Returning for an encore with title track White Light, as well as noughties smasher Breathless, the siblings round things up with their wholesome rendition of Toss The Feathers. Now back to those aforementioned expectations. They haven’t just lived up to them, they’ve surpassed them. Andrea, Sharon, Caroline and Jim have well and truly returned. The absence is all forgiven, and they certainly won’t ever be forgotten.