David Tapley (aged 27) of Tandem Felix slinks on to the stage of the Workman’s Club before his bandmates, quiet and unassuming. What kicks off, however, is far from it.

Fresh off the back of their Choice Music Prize nomination for Song Of The Year, a merit that is coyly referenced throughout, the boys and girls of Tandem Felix are happy to provide an evening of such high calibre tunes.

A BandCamp user summed it up perfectly when they described every Tandem Felix track as being “a unique and lovely journey”. Tapley Takes A Stroll is an apt example – playful vocals align with bouncing guitar and violin lines (shout-out to Éna for her four-stringed wizardry).

While the lyricism can sometimes come across as quite literal, there’s a sorrowful undercurrent that comes with their deadpan delivery, particularly on Making Dinner On Valentine’s Day. Tandem Felix take the most mundane scenarios and transform them for brilliant story-telling, highlighting the beauty within the ordinary.

Their upcoming single Nightclub (I Sold My Soul To The Devil) is about a man who “gives away the thing he holds dear to him – going on the batter” – a sacrifice many have had to deal with at one point in their lives or another. Were You There (When They Crucified The Birthday Boy?) gets a rapturous reaction, and is as wry and fun in real life as it is on any listening device.

A Tandem Felix gig is wholesome, jovial affair. ‘Lovely’ is also a word that continuously springs to mind upon watching the band unfurl the fruits of their labour on stage. With any luck, their debut album will arrive just in time for summer to give us the beautiful sunshine rock LP that this country deserves.