945391_10151356406611207_701770932_nPitched as a night to showcase fresh music combining networking opportunities, Rewind at the Odessa Club saw quite the accomplished crowd make a turn out.

The evening opened with a quadruple bill of acoustic acts. Megan Burke was up first, and blew everyone’s buttons off. With a voice of muscle and power, she still managed to overwhelm the softer emotions too. Hers is an incredible voice which unleashed the envy from all those present, most notably the singers. Following Miss Burke was Robin McGuinness of Dublin band Hazy Dayz. The Stereophonics influenced frontman performed some tuneful pop tracks, with a hint of raspy Rod Stewart for the ladies.

The mood was one of warmth and excitement with people mingling, creating business opportunities, or more obviously enjoying a moment of music. Multi-instrumentalist Greg Clifford took the stage and performed a new track from his upcoming second release, ‘Temple Lane Recordings,’ due to be launched in the Mercantile on June 1st. The beautifully evocative Kate O Callaghan (joined on stage by husband Seamus Devenny) performed some of the highlights from the night. She has a certain sultry stage presence, a combination of suggestive smiles and swaying hips, yet also maintains a traditional value through her polite manner; a treat for the senses.

The first of the full bands on this fine evening were youngsters She’s A Beauty. Full of spunk, they rocked the place from top to bottom. Neat and tidy drum fills, played acutely alongside running bass and guitar lines give the impression there’s an influence from At The Drive-In, but with a bit less grit and resolve – these boys hit the mark and got shoulders a little looser.

Ska/alternative act Dem Fools closed the night with their spicy ska-pop and their recently released Shape Of My Life was the most appreciated of a fine set. With massive change to the music industry in recent times, it is important to maintain a level of contact with those of a similar interest, whether you’re a booker, musician, producer or just a fan. The follow up to Rewind, entitled Fast Forward, will be held at Odessa Club on June 11th and will feature acts such as, Gill Ryder, Third Smoke and Jones Apollo.