The Cast of Cheers @ Whelan’s, Dublin, 19 September 2012

Review: Sean Noone
Photos: Kieran Frost

There’s always a depressing feeling when you hit September. The ‘back to school feeling’ isn’t something that you become immune to once the Leaving Cert is in the bag, as September still means the end of the summer. The festivals have finished, temperatures are lowering, the nights are drawing in and most of us are staring down the barrel of a three month period before our next few days off work. “Wake me up when September ends,” Billy-Joe Armstrong sang. You and me both, Billy!

There are a few things to help you get over the September blues. For quite a few ladies (and one Goldenplec editor) the Chippendales were an oily treat to boost the spirits, while a fortunate few hundred squeezed themselves into Whelan’s for some dancey math-rock in the form of The Cast of Cheers.

From the moment they step onto the stage, The Cast of Cheers get the crowd’s leaden, autumn feet moving. Even if the sound is slightly off for opener Human Elevator, there is an energy that the band’s music exudes that is just infectious and relentless. The drums pound constantly and fingers move up and down the fret board almost quicker than the eyes can see. It’s telling when songs like Strangers and Animals are effectively the slow set in the night’s music; the former showing that leader singer Conor Adams’s voice is in fine fettle this evening.

The crowd are also in good voice and they belt back the lyrics to track after track and keep their feet moment – except for a few static folk right up at the stage. A smile beams from Adams’s face as he hears his lyrics returned to him with interest. “This is one of the best gigs ever,” he says later in the show. But this doesn’t sound like the type of empty platitude you hear so regularly on the usual gig circuit. “Is there any fucking love in here?” asks Tigerfox. Yes, there is plenty of it.

Most of the set, unsurprisingly, is compromised of songs from new album ‘Family’, while two older songs, Strangers and Tip the Can, are given revamps. The effect of these revamps is questionable however. One song that doesn’t need any modifications is ‘Chariot’s’ fantastic I am Lion which receives one of the best reactions of the night. Marso Sava equally throws out a dirty drum lead groove which can only be described as a tribal experience.

The energy gets pushed yet further when the band returns for their encore. Family and Auricom get even the people at the front moving, while further back the moshing and crowd-surfing have begun. Cast of Cheers exit the stage and the sweaty crowd are left to cool down and catch their breath; their September blues cured for the evening. Just don’t tell them that this is the last time they’re going to see Cast of Cheers in such an intimate setting.


Human Elevator
Trucks at Night
They Call it a Race
Posé Mit
Tip the Can
I am Lion
Instrumental track
Marso Sava

Cast of Cheers Photo Gallery

Photos: Kieran Frost

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