207997_454219197934852_1922490652_nAs the summer draws to a close, the sunshine fades and the countdown to the end of festival season begins, the time of year that is dreaded by every music lover. Thankfully, indie rockers The Radioactive Grandma spoiled fans with a tantalising midweek treat for the launch of their new video for Don’t Look Down the second video from their self titled debut album to help cure the post festival blues.

The Smock Alley theatre was buzzing from the get go as friends and fans of The Radioactive Grandma gathered to get a sneak peak at the band’s latest offering. Support on the night came from the bands close friends Run From The Cure. Vocalist Matty Kearns warmed up the intimate crowd with his raw vocals which perfectly accompanied his playful guitar style. Along with bass player Jimmy Deface, the rustic theatre was set alight by their flawless harmonies and unique sound. New song Life Is To Be rounded off what was undoubtedly a top class set.

Before the main event took to the stage it was time to see the long awaited video. It was greeted with laughter and applause as the attentive audience sang along. The Smock Alley was at fever pitch when The Grandma’s kicked off, their mind blowing energy and distinctive echo left the crowd unable to contain their excitement.  The Game helped to settle the overwhelming elation, the resounding chorus and vocal unity forced a sense of awe on the venue. The buzz among the bands fans was exciting when they kicked off The Walls Have Ears as the tracks fast pace was nicely matched with yet more startling harmonies. Vocalist Johno Leader made it clear what a solid voice he possesses, not often is such command and intensity heard from a musician of his years. Guitarist Peter Donohoe also showed off his unbeatable talent with bouncy riffs, alongside Ben McCarthys foot stomping cajone playing making it clear that these three are a force to be reckoned with.

The intimated theatres already spicy atmosphere exploded when the video’s track Don’t Look Down started with an earth moving bang. There was a rush from all over the room to get to the front of the stage to enjoy every second as the set drew to a fiery close. It was obvious what a special showcase of talent the gig had been and that the band are unrivalled in what they do.

The Radioactive Grandma are ones to watch for the future, the exceptionally unique sound they have crafted, paired with their stern playing ability is sure to be blasting through the airwaves very soon.