Kanye West Jay Z at The O2

Kanye West Jay Z at The O2

On the 2nd of July Marlay Park was once again packed with music fans who flooded to the picturesque venue for the second of the eagerly awaited string of gigs taking place there. This time it was the turn of man of the moment Pharrell Williams and rapper/fashion designer/ Kardashian, Kanye West.

It was mid evening when Pharrell took to the stage and he did not disappoint. Mr Williams greeted the crowd with the lovable banter that makes him such a likeable  guy, he then flew into his big hit with Jay-Z ‘Frontin’ , his skills as smooth and  suave as always. The disco inspired keys backing was flawless from start to finish and Pharrell’s vocals were clear and melodic, the show was in full swing. Knowing exactly how to please his attentive audience Pharrell treated their ears to a string of hits from N.E.R.D, first up was ‘She Wants To Move’ , the throbbing bass fused with the deep and powerful drums sent Marlay Park into overdrive. When Pharrell kicked in with with a mix of soft and rock-fuelled vocals, he showed unique his vocal talent really is. It was then into an unforgettable performance of ‘Lapdance’ , the rock inspired elements of the song made it a highlight of the night and Pharrell once again showed his admirable rhyming skills.

When Kanye took to the stage he didn’t waste anytime and kicked of his show with ‘Black Skin Head’  Kanye showed control that even the most experienced rapper would be envious of, the tribal inspired drums accompaniment made the song a highlight.

‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’ perfectly showcased Kanye’s unique tone, mixed with the lazy phrasing it was a stellar performance. Kanye West has become somewhat of a parody in recent years but this live show proved that he is still a force to be reckoned with. ‘Heartless’ sent the attentive crowd into overdrive. Kanye’s vocals were once again pitch perfect and harmonised beautifully with the tracks slow paced melody.

The Finale ‘Bound 2’ provided a song along for the audience, the quirky arrangement was alluring and Kanye gave the vocal performance of the night.

Kanye’s individuality is completely undeniable and his vocal ability is not easily rivaled, however the show was slightly let down by his most loved songs being missing from the set list. This being said it would still be hard to find a rapper that could provide a show as flawless and entertaining.