The 1975

With the recent release of their hugely popular self-titled debut album, The 1975 arrive in Dublin to a sold out Academy. Goldenplec stood witness for the UK band’s last visit, in Academy 2, and the difference now is simply immeasurable.

Opening track The City resembles the brasher, punk side of the band; the sound they grew up by. While fuzzy guitars, angelic white light and thumping drums fill every essence of the room; a great sense of positive anxiety is kinetically charged. Album cuts Milk and M.O.N.E.Y quickly follow – accompanied by a handful of teenage girls frantically screeching as singer Matt Healy does pretty much anything at all.

The cleverly orchestrated Talk sees singer Matt Healy lose the guitar, ascend the rafters and illustrate his promise as a frontman. Either we have a real star on our hands or Healy has studied all the legends before him. For the four-piece from Wilmslow, Chesire, it’s been a whirlwind of a year – the stereotypical ‘rock band one hundred mile per hour’ sort of year, and it shows onstage.

It’s a visit with vastly more material this time around for The 1975, material people know at least; “last time we played downstairs,” says Matt…“to about six people.” A slower, electro-R’nB orientated middle section, conveys the eclectic mix of style within the acts’ music. Tracks like Head.Cars, An Encounter  and 12 all make appearances, with bassist Ross Macdonald and drummer George Daniel, making vital contributions to the droning sound.

And roll on the calamity moment; a major sound default during the poptastic Settle Down. The band adjust well to the error and oblige the crowd with some chat. Sound fixed, and normal operations quickly resume; you’d forget the whole thing had happened by the time Girls turns up.

The audience, a mixture of frantic youths and frantic oldies, are enthused throughout. The 1975 can write a hit; “a top ten hit in Ireland” Matt confirms, before delighting the crowd with Chocolate. 

Time still for a last goodbye and the band romp through fan-favourite Sex before Adam Hann on guitar unveils the infectious riff (written by drummer George) to the finale, You. News of a return in February leaves an even sweeter aftertaste, and while difficult to measure the band’s success to date, 2014 is beginning to look at lot like The 1975.


Photos: Kieran Frost