Without even leaving their own setup, the Soft Boy Records crew have perhaps Ireland’s most diverse range of talent available from which to pick and choose collaborations. Kicking off 2020 strong, Gaptoof and Kean Kavanagh prove that’s the case once more with their new hip-hop/soul crossover single Dean Street.

On the instrumental side, Gaptoof enlists soulful trumpets and lilting keyboard riffs that invite contemplation. It’s a steady beat with a clear sense of itself, making good use of a crisp kick drum. Ahead of his eagerly-awaited project It Looks Like Rain, the track is a showcase of the hip-hop maestro’s abilities, with a new instrumental line to occupy every corner of the song’s space.

The slick beat is a perfect fit for Kavanagh, whose hazy, nostalgia-filled performance showcases his vocal range. In our recent Plec Picks interview, the Laois man hinted that he now means business more than ever. If the confidence and momentum of Dean Street is a glimpse of that, the songman’s next developments are something to look forward to.

Listen and enjoy: