We are delighted to see that Plec Picks 2020 act Kynsy, has finally released her debut single ‘Cold Blue Light’.

Kynsy real name Ciara Lindsey is a talented 23-year-old artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist who has impressed us greatly with performances at Whelan’s One To Watch and Ireland Music Week thanks to her eye for an earworm melody and quick witted lyrics. ‘Cold Blue Light’ is a fine debut single which only hints at the dark delights that Kynsy has in store for us going forwards.

“‘Cold Blue Light’ is about the bullies we all encounter in life and looking for meaning in the darkness they create. I wanted to write a song that held some sort of balance between destruction and hope,” explains Kynsy.

“It’s based on an encounter I had at a new year’s eve party where there was a guy spouting racist remarks at people and it was quite upsetting and stuck with me. The result was a rowdy pop song truck full of sticky anger and synth pop goo. The video was filmed just with a camera on a tripod in my back garden, I wanted it to be direct and simple so people could focus on the music.” 

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