To celebrate the release of her new album ‘Peninsula’ (listen below), Northern Ireland’s Jealous of the Birds aka Naomi Hamilton has announced a show in The Workman’s this November.

Check out this special live performance video of latest single ’Epistle’ recorded live for SongKick recently below.

“’Epistle’ was one of those rare songs that emerged almost fully-formed during the writing of the album. It’s a love letter — an affirmation to live deliciously in tandem with another human being through the flux and flow we experience in life. I wanted it to have a youthful hopefulness and yet the self-awareness of the complexity of braiding one’s life with another’s. There’s an equality of trust to that which is really beautiful to me.”

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Listen to Jealous of The Birds’ new album ‘Peninsula’ featuring the singles Something Holy and Young Neanderthal below.

Jealous of The Birds will perform a socially distant live show live at The Workman’s Club, 19th November 2020. Tickets on sale now – here