Humour in rap music, witty bars & reviewing tracks.

Welcome to the latest instalment of the #Mabcast where Dylan is joined by Jack to talk all things Irish Hip hop.

Following the previous week’s discussion on Versatile and their so called ‘Satirical’ content, it feels natural to gravitate towards a conversation surrounding humour in hip hop music in Ireland.

KNEECAP have been storming festival stages across the country  this summer and with another nationwide headline tour coming in September, they have become one of the most exciting acts in the country. What makes them so enticing is their use of the Irish language and humorous punchlines littered throughout their tracks.

This humorous approach to music is present with other acts such as TPM and like KNEECAP they have been racking up tens of thousands of views on youtube.  These commonalities raise questions surrounding ‘viral’ tracks and whether this style of witty hip hop will be the first wave of Irish hip hop to break ground internationally.

The episode reflects on rap and especially the more comical takes from the aforementioned acts as a response to political shortcomings. At times the self depreciating humour that is present frequently in Irish hip hop feels like the complete polar opposite to American rap’s ‘Flex’ culture.

It then begs the question; Rather than a distinctive sound as such, is it actually the attitude sprinkled across much of the country’s output that will be it’s unique distinction when compared to contemporaries in other countries?

All this and more is discussed in the latest episode.

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