miles kane coverWords: Vanessa Monaghan

Miles Kane’s new E.P. Come Closer is out now, I caught up with the Liverpool lad for a quick chat when he was in Dublin for Arthur’s Day.
Since we last spoke Miles was nominated for a Q award for newcomer of the year. GP was quick to offer our congratulations.

Thanks very much, you’re up against some big acts. It’s good to be a part of it doing the rock n roll that you do. It feels good and I’m not going to lie, I really want to win that.

I love your honesty, I don’t think there’s enough people who say ‘I want to win that…’

Yeah, it’s amazing to be nominated and thought of in that category but I want it on my mantelpiece.

Where would you put it?

Yeah, on me fireplace. If I had a massive bathroom I’d probably put it in there.

Seeing as your reporter and Miles had a good chat a couple of weeks ago, we decided to do a quick fire round a la Smash Hits.

What was the first record you ever bought?

Unlimited, No Limits

What was the last one you bought or do you blag stuff from the record company?

Ah, nah fcuk that. Last record, I think, no it’s gone out of my head. I think The Horrors last album.

Liverpool, Everton or Tranmere Rovers?


When you’re on the road what’s the one thing you can’t leave home without ?

Em, me ipod speakers and me acoustic guitar.

Which do you prefer white socks or ???

Black (gets in very fast with that answer).. Don’t be stupid (laughing)

Who was the first poster you had on your bedroom wall?

Probably Oasis or Kelly Brooke

If you had a regular job what would you do?

Be a chef. I love food, I don’t really cook that much but it does interest me a lot.

Would you be any good on Masterchef?

Yeah! (laughing)

What would you cook?

I’m very limited, oven roasted salmon with asparagus and fcuking rice.

Are you a cat man or a dog man?

Neither really but probably cat more… A tiger, I’d have a tiger!

If you could provide the soundtrack to any movie what would it be?

Ah a killer Tarantino film with beautiful women..

Like the Come Closer video?

Yeah yeah, like that or Scorsese or something like that. I’d love to do real sort of surf (Miles then plays air guitar and sings bow wow oow for a few seconds), maybe all instrumental maybe one with vocals but it would be fcuking great, yeah.

If you could put a super group together and you would be in it, who would you put in the band?

Serge Pizzorno from Kasabian, James Forde (The Last Shadow Puppets) on drums, Alex Turner on bass and Paul Weller as a double singer with me.

What’s your biggest fear?

I don’t know really, I do over think things and worry, I just want to get better at what I do and I guess it’s not fear but I never want to settle for anything I always want to push on.

From our last interview you showed that you have quite a conscientious work ethic

It’s like that at the moment and even on down time I’m thinking about new songs really and that’s on the back of my mind all the time. I want to get new material recorded, hopefully in December and I want to keep, I want to write a killer song and keep getting better.

What song do you wish you had written?

There’s loads, I guess Come Closer touches on that T-Rex thing, the way I feel at the minute I’d love to write ‘Get it On’ or something like that, a big rocker or Jeepster by T-Rex. Something like that, I guess Come Closer isn’t a million miles away but that sort of thing is exciting to me at the moment. Something to strut to.

Do you think you’d be any good on the ‘Celebrity in the reasonably priced car’ on Top Gear?

I can’t drive, put me on a vespa.(laughs)

Do you have an idol that you think if you met them, would leave you completely tongue tied and star struck?

I remember the first time I met Liam Gallagher, it was a few years ago and out of everyone you’ve met, he’s probably the first one, you got butterflies, you know what I mean? But he’s such a nice guy.

The conversation then turns how we were both at Beady Eye’s gig in the Olympiain April. Miles explains:

I went the first night, I was doing promo here and I went to that gig. We just done that tour with them, probably a month before and they were so relaxed here. It was a really good gig. I really enjoyed it.

What’s your ideal night off?

A nice dinner, go for a few drinks, have a flirt or sit in with a bag of Minstrels and play FIFA.

What was you’re favourite cartoon as a kid?

Tweety Pie, is that the little yellow bird? I’m into Tweety Pie, I used to draw him.

Miles Kane’s new E.P, Come Closer is out now.