miles_kane-Miles Kane, who released his album ‘Colour of the Trap’ is one of the artists coming to Dublin for Arthur’s Day on September 22nd. Vanessa Monaghan caught up with Miles when he was in Paris. While chatting to The Last Shadow Puppets man, he reveals his hard work ethic and how he’d like to collaborate with Janelle Monae.

What are you doing in Paris? The French love you don’t they?

Yeah, I know it’s bonkers! We just did this little TV show and some promo (by TV show Miles means Taratata, the French equivalent of Jools Holland, great show, check it out)

You must be delighted with the album, ‘Colour of The Trap’, it’s getting a fantastic response.

Yeah, it’s been a great year so far, touch wood.

You’ve describe the album as a journey, what do you mean by that?

I just mean when you start this record or before you started, you had a lot of ideas written and you had to start planning out and there was a lot to.. do. It was like starting again really I guess and it was just having that belief from the start and believing that once it was done that you could go out there and do amazing gigs and photos and enjoy it and absolutely love it. It took a while getting there and getting it right, making sure all the writing was spot on and production and stuff.

I just feel like a different lad than I did before it. I learned so much of the whole process of it and getting away from gigging for a year and a half or doing an interview or that, it near killed me cos I do love the limelight or the attention, it’s what you do innit? I did miss that I must admit. Looking back now I’m glad I took the time and I made a great record. When I handed it in to the label and it was mastered and that whatever happened with it, whether it was a hit or a flop, I knew I had tried and worked as hard as I could and sang and played the guitar as hard as I could at that point.

Then it’s just up to the people and the fans to see if they like it. Touch wood it’s been amazing, you’re selling out gigs and you just done great festivals and you’re in a great place.

This year you’ve done Oxegen, Reading and Leeds, Glastonbury? Which was your favourite festival this summer?

I think it was probably, I dunno, Reading was pretty banging, Reading and Leeds in terms of.. reaction or whatever and we did this one in Paris called Rock en Seine. They’ve all had moments. Reading, Leeds and Rock en Seine, they were like a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, like a three day run, I guess they were my favourites.

Did you find yourself under much pressure with this album? It is your solo baby. You had the Rascals and The Last Shadow Puppets but this is just all you.

Yeah, massive pressure. I think there was a point to prove in a way, a lot of people out there thought Al’s your best mate (Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys), you don’t sing, you’re just in The Puppets as his, sort of, mate. For any people that thought that, even press thought that a bit, you’ve just turned it round and you’ve just shown them all, the non believers and it feels fcuking great!

I’m twenty five, I got signed when I was eighteen, it took a while to get it right and to sort of have success, but you’ve earned it, you’ve done your apprenticeship.

You can hear some classic rock influences in your sound and you’ve got those and updated them. You’re a Merseyside boy, how influential has Merseyside’s musical heritage been on you?

‘It’s just a part of you really, it’s just in the blood. The Beatles, I know it’s obvious but they are amazing and they are the greats and it still sounds better than anything else out there. I think, it’s just who I am, I don’t know the answer cos I don’t know any different, you know what I mean?’

Your music is also crossing boundaries, Skream took Rearrange and did a Dubstep remix on it, it’s opening you up to different audiences.

‘Yeah, he’s a nice lad, he’s a really cool guy and it proves that you’re not afraid to try modern stuff. When Liam Gallagher did that Death in Vegas, Scorpio Rising, stuff like that. I’d do a mad track with Skream, just as a one off. I think it helps you that stuff, it’s good to keep your options open and your mind up to something. I don’t know a whole lot about dubstep but I like his remix.’

You worked with Noel Gallagher on the album is there anyone else you would like to collaborate with ?

‘I really like that girl, Janelle Monae, I like that song Tightrope, I think she’s cool and I love her look, she’s great to watch aint she? I’m loving mono duets vibe at the minute I like Nancy Sinatra and that’s how got inspired to write that song ‘Happenstance’ on the record which is a duet (with singer/actress Clémence Poésy).’

Come Closer is getting a release, which it throughly deserves. Since the album was released some of your tracks are gaining momentum, they’re starting to be used on TV shows….

‘It’s been a builder this record, it hasn’t really stopped. It’s been slow but everything has been in the right direction, it’s only sort of starting now, weirdly, in a mad way, it feels great. Come Closer was the hit that never happened really but then it’s weird now that the radio are all over it and they’re playing it. It’s strange how it happened but it’s a great tune and I love it. It’s probably the one I’m most proud of actually.’

For artists now, the music industry has changed so much that you have to try to get as much longevity out of an album as you possibly can, having a slow build up is going to do that for you..

‘Yeah exactly hopefully, (I’ve been) doing all this and touring, like, I haven’t had a day off for so long. I’ve been writing while away, I think it’s important to keep working and pushing yourself and keep working hard and hopefully next year I can put a new single or something out, early next year, who knows?’

Will there be new music from The Last Shadow Puppets at any stage?

‘Yeah definitely will be, I just don’t know when, we don’t know when. We chat about it all the time, when we do it, we want to do it proper so we want to plan it out and make sure it’s not rushed, when there’s a gap or when we think it’s right, we’ll do it.’

You’re coming over for Arthurs Day, have you been told anything about where you’ll be playing?

‘I’m playing in a little pub aren’t I? I know I’m playing in The Academy then in a little pub.’

I know you played Oxegen but have you been over here much other than that?

‘Not really you know, I did one gig with The Rascals and I haven’t even done one gig there yet. I did Oxegen and I’ve been there for a day of promo, I don’t why that’s one reason I can’t wait to get over there, it’s quite untouched really.’

It seems lately that people are more inclined to spent a tenner going out for a night to have a good time than on a CD. Have you found this with crowds at gigs?

‘For me, it’s still building, it’s definitely gone up. With me I love doing gigs, that’s my favourite thing, get on that stage and rock it, whether you’re doing it in a pub for Arthurs Day or a venue in England, I just love doing all gigs. Lately, everyone who’s been coming to gigs has just been fcuking bang up for it and raucous really and I’m hoping that’s what it’s going to be like over there.’

Miles Kane plays The Academy and a ‘little pub’ for Arthur’s Day. His album ‘Colour of The Trap’ is out now.