We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Vantastival for the second year running. This year, we’ll take to Bellurgan Park to bring your ‘The GoldenPlec Grotto’ stage.

Last year, we brought you the GoldenPlec Unplugged Stage and also some late night antics on the Vanhalla stage. This year, we’re delighted to bring you some of the best Irish music in the country amongst the beautiful environs of the famous Vantastival Grotto stage.

The Grotto stage was built by the Vantastival crew using materials found on the festival site. The GoldenPlec Grotto forms a stunning natural amphitheatre set into the spectacular Bellurgan parklands.

Vantastival Grotto Stage

The stage will host nearly 30 acts over the weekend, with RSAG, Cry Monster Cry, The Blood Red Mountain Band and recent #GoldenBeck performers Cult Called Man among those who will perform. This collaboration between GoldenPlec and Vantastival is a positive progression of the organisations’ partnership, following the success of last year’s GoldenPlec Unplugged stage.

Other acts due to play at the GoldenPlec Grotto include CPNHGN, Elevation Falls, Grouse, The HardChargers, Resin, We Raise Bears, Bunoscionn, RudyTrixX, We Were Giants, The Brown Notes, This Other Kingdom, The Twisted Sisters, Dawn Chorus, Beached Whales, Travis Oaks, The Crayon Set, Escobar, Tiny Vinyls, The Cacks, The High Life, Featuring X and Red Temple.

See more information on the festival here.

Check out this video we made of our VW journey to Vantastival last year:

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