Garth Brooks world tour 2014 IrelandWe won’t lie. Goldenplec’s editor is a big Garth Brooks fan, so the news that Steve Wynn released this week, that the five year deal between himself and Garth Brooks to perform at the Wynn Hotel at Vegas has come to an end after three years.

The contract has an option for either side to end the deal if they wished to which leads to the reason why Brooks has cancelled the show. It turns out that Garth Brooks is planning a world tour in the fall of 2014. This will be his first world tour in nearly 16 years. The reason for retiring was to focus on raising his family and 16 years on his youngest daughter is set to graduate from school, leaving him with a few less responsibilities.

We mark the early favourite as a return to Croke Park in July/August 2014. We will be there up the front no matter where he plays, a rare opportunity to see one of the biggest selling artists of all time.

MCD / Aiken, get on it!

Garth Brooks – The Dance

UPDATES! We were right. Croke Park was the destination. Five dates have been announced. Five of them have sold out.  We have transcribed the press conference at Croke Park with some of the key items discussed by Garth.

Garth Brooks adds 5th Croke Park, Dublin date

Garth Brooks Croke Park Press Conference

2 responses to “Garth Brooks to tour world in 2014”

  1. lee says:

    croke park ireland wont know what hit them garth brooks returns 2014 :)

  2. la casa says:

    Might not go ahead. Looks like the promoter did not properly check out the permissions to stage concerts at this venue.