Ferocious Dublin act Vernon Jane have recently announced that their debut album 'The Ritual of Love Making' will be released in April.

The 12-track album, containing no previously released material was recorded live in Camden Studios in just three days earlier this year. To get an idea of what the nine-piece have in store for fans, we caught up with principle songwriter Emily Jane who lifted the lid on her listening habits in the run-up to recording the album.

As you'd expect, the playlist is quite eclectic containing everything from MF Doom and FKA Twigs to fellow Irish noise merchants Girl Band.

We will get a first hint of what 'The Ritual of Love Making' contains with the release of lead single Daddy Issues on January 11th 2020. Vernon Jane will play a special album show in The Academy, Dublin on March 6th with support from Bicurious.

The band's only remaining appearance in 2019 comes when they open for Paris Monster in The Workman's Club tomorrow (November 26th).

Deep-Fried Friends - MF Doom

"Em so I just flat out love every single thing about Doom.

It's hard to pick just one tune, but the lyrics always make me analyse my relationships and how shitty I am with my phone.

‘I found a way to get peace of mind for years and left the hell alone. Turn a deaf ear to the cellular phone.’

Fighter - Saba

Saba’s album ‘Care For Me’ has been a big part of my day to day soundtrack. Seriously candid, challenging, and beautiful lyrics.

‘Fighter’ is such a visual song. Close your eyes and see this story unfold. Pure magic.

Why Don’t You - Cleo Sol

Everything about this song is so effortless. The drum and bass groove sets this beautiful foundation for the melancholic piano/strings and the lyrical content. I often catch myself listening to this song when I need a gentle reminder to be bold and brave, it washes over you like a wave and, by the end, nothing seems impossible.

Basically - Tei Shi

This song is an anthem. Turn it on...Let it build...And scream at the end!

Attitude - Leklei47

You want to feel motivated and like an absolute boss, listen to this song.

Cellophane - FKA Twigs

The first time I listened to this song I was close to tears. Overwhelmingly sincere and vulnerable, this is a fully realised expression of a true artist.

You can hear the raw emotion in the vocal, in each breath, in each word, Visceral, Raw, Tragic, Powerful.

(*Check out the visuals directed by Andrew Thomas Huang)

Not For Sale - Sudan Archives

Such a stellar mix of stringed instruments and beats. A minimalist vocal that oozes confidence, this song is about ‘just doing you’ and sometimes we all need to be reminded of the importance of that.

Shoulderblades - Girl Band

This is what it’s all about really. This track growls and slithers along. A predator of a track.

All fucking hail Girl Band.

Hustle Bones - Death Grips

Anything by Death Grips really, this tune, in particular, has such a sick groove and pace.

Effortlessly fucking badass.

Car Bomb - Constant Sleep

Wanna know what’s going on in my head most of the time? This tune.

Vernon Jane play The Academy, Dublin on March 6 2020. Tickets €17.45