If you've seen Vernon Jane live, you'll know two things.

Thing 1 - that Vernon Jane are an incredibly raucous, unhinged, powerful presence when performing live.

Thing 2 - they just don't give a fuck.

When the two things come together, they create a feeling that not many other Irish bands on the live or festival circuit can match. The band barrage you with a wall of well-crafted, woven noise.

For the untrained ear, it can be a lot of take in and make sense of. When the 7-piece band merge on a track; it's rough, it's loud, it's angry. But write-off Vernon Jane as simply a "loud band" at your peril as the band possess heaps of melodies and considered intricacies all over their output.

'Fuck Me' is everything that Vernon Jane are. It's a blatant middle finger to every ounce of stereotyping and sexist narratives that exist. It's points to a clear disillusionment of gender roles in our society and the raw animalistic nature we all try to hide.

Emily Jane O’Connor soars as she screams "I know you've been thinking I'm a good fucking girl" towards the songs peak.

The band wrote the following powerful passage on their Facebook event for the single launch which gives you an insight in to the thinking behind the track: "I hate that women struggle in this world. I hate that sometimes I don't want to be female... I hate that I wake up to frightening statistics and feel so helpless, I hate that I am told how to feel and when to feel it, I hate that being a strong woman feels wrong, I hate that I censor what I say to avoid conflict, I hate that I am sexually repressed, I hate that I have no ownership over my body, I hate that I hate my body. I hate the feeling of hate..but I am overcome with it. Something is brewing here. I know you've been thinking i'm a good girl. Something is brewing here. No more apologies."


We first reviewed Vernon Jane back at Knockanstockan 2014, when the band were in their supreme infancy, we noted that they "had no problems [hooking the crowd] with their blend of psychedelic jazz. Vernon Jane’s sound is centred on the magnificent vocals of Emily Jane O’Connor. She is a charismatic presence, chatting amiably with the crowd and holding attention throughout."

Where can I see Vernon Jane?

The single will be launched on the 28th of April (this Friday) in Whelans main room, the bands biggest show to date.

Support will come from Spudgun, Bokito and Wastefellow.

An art exhibition will also take place on the night focusing on what being a woman and being a man is really all about.