Goldenplec are delighted to bring you an exclusive preview of Stu Daly's latest EP, 'The Kingsford Sessions'. Along with his backing band, Stu is carving out a niche all his own, with lush, melodic folk songs. That said, his punk roots still come through due to the pure passion on display - and the fact that the EP was recorded entirely in the band's violin player's house.

There are plans for an eventual vinyl release - he's possibly waiting until he comes up with something to top the hand-cut clear acrylic release of 'You And Me And These Four Walls' - but the EP will be available for download from Bandcamp on Wednesday 21 January. In the mean time, of course, you can hear it here.

If you want to hear the songs in a live setting, make sure you get down to see Stu play with Steady Hands in The Mercantile on Friday; it'll be his last gig for a while as his other band Chewing on Tinfoil go into hibernation to write and record new material.

Listen to the EP right here: