Sorcha Richardson went number one on Hype Machine with her latest single Don't Talk About It, following its appearance in the BAFTA-winning reality series Made In Chelsea.

It's been a busy time for the pride of Dalkey recently who made a guest appearance on All Tvvins latest album on the single No One Is Any Fun, which she co-wrote with Conor Adams.

We asked Sorcha to compile a playlist of her favourite Irish tracks right now and had our photographer Nicholas O'Donnell follow her round for the day while she compiled the playlist.

Check out the photos below (click to enlarge) and read why Sorcha picked each song below.

Soda Blonde - Swimming Through The Night

This is probably my most played song of the year so far and it’s only been out 2 weeks. It kind of floored me the first time I heard it and I sent it to so many of my friends. Every time I listen to it I end up playing it like 5 times in a row. I'm completely addicted to it.

Inhaler - My Honest Face

I really like their music. This song is so catchy and Eli's voice sounds amazing on it. They’re really good live too I can't wait to see them in Whelan's in September.

Saint Sister - Is It Too Early

I think this is my favourite Saint Sister song to date. The lyrics are so beautiful and the chords and production just elevate everything. It's really exciting when a band returns after an album and you can hear them making different choices and moving in a slightly different direction, but without losing what made them special in the first place. This song makes me really excited to see where they go with their new music.

Maria Somerville - All My People 

I’ve been listening to Maria’s album a lot since it came out. I liked it from the first listen but seeing her play it live with her band at the album launch earlier in the year gave me a totally new appreciation for it. This song is so hypnotic.

Fontaines DC - Roy’s Tune 

This might be my favourite song from their record. Honestly just love how the drums sound on the track, and Grian’s vocal is beautiful.

Lisa Hannigan - We the Drowned 

I could have picked any song from At Swim. It’s one of my favourite Irish albums in the last few years. I used to listen to it non stop at my apartment in Brooklyn when it came out, so it always reminds me of my life there. I never get tired of hearing this song.

Kobina & Obskur Mond - Shogani

It's always cool when two artists you like team up on a track and make something really special. I’m also obsessed with the music video by Elena Horgan.

Uly - Redlight

This is the first song of Uly’s that I heard. I love how laid-back it is. Makes me wanna just drive around in the sun.

Bantum & Loah - April Brave 

Another amazing collaboration. There's something about this song that feels so timeless to me. And the chorus melody gets stuck in my head for hours.

Kojaque - White Noise

He’s such a talented lyricist. I loved the performance of this in the church at Other Voices with the full band too.


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