We've been huge fans of Sive for a long time, having booked her to one of our GoldenPlec showcase nights back in 2014.

Previously, we've gushed over her first full length offering in the form of  'We Are Moving' (2012 - Review) and the 'Turn Down The Silence EP' (2013 - Review).

But with 'The Roaring Girl', we're presented with an artist who has seen her songwriting craft flourish, which is fully apparent on this record. A record that contains so much depth, warmth and glittering surprises throughout it's 12-track duration.

Simply sublime, it's one of the best Irish records released in 2017, from any Irish female artist.

We present to you, 'The Roaring Girl':


Sive will be releasing the EP this coming Thursday (4th of April) at The Bello Bar. Tickets on sale here.