Sam McNicholl (27) is the owner of one of IMRO's venues of the year, Connolly's of Leap in Cork. As well as running one of Ireland's greatest seats of music, he is also the self proclaimed "Hitter of things /Comedic relief" of Choice Music Prize 2017 nominees Talos.

As well as being a booker and a drummer, Sam is also a concerned citizen, and spoke passionately to GoldenPlec about the upcoming referendum.

What way are you voting and why? 

I will be voting yes for a compassionate, progressive Ireland. I think regardless of your personal moralistic views on the act of abortion women deserve bodily autonomy; this is a fundamental right. No more pills from the internet, no more early morning flights, no more living in the dark and ignoring the situation at hand.  Its Time for a big fat YES - I can literally feel it in me bones

Have you been on a personal journey to come to this decision? 

Yes, unfortunately I have experienced the pain and heartbreak that comes with abortion first hand. I think if you dig deep enough you will find  it has penetrated most people in this country in some shape or form, be it a sister, aunt, co-worker or best friend. It's an issue we can no longer ignore.

The pain that comes from having to fly to another country or ordering an illegal pill on the internet compounds the feelings of guilt. It turns a painful experience into a traumatic one. The illegality of it all is causing such emotional damage, its beyond belief. There is something so insane about it all when you fully realise that the state has made this decision for you, that your body is an incubator, that the right of the unborn child has been give precedence over your own, the carrier. I think future generations will look back in confusion on the laws that have gone before...

Have you had difficult conversations about this issue? If so, what advice would you give people who are hesitant to have these conversations? 

To an extent, I guess - my mother and I are business partners, co-workers and still best of friends. She carried me in her belly and gave birth to me, she taught me how to talk and walk - in essence she is my divine creator and I try to remind myself of that regularly.

My mother is incredibly progressive and liberal, but the concept of abortion literally brings a tear to her eye. Eileen was been raised in a traditional Irish catholic household,  she has been a follower of the teachings of Jesus since birth and continues this following today.

Mom and I have had some intense conversations but she will be voting Yes on May 25th. Although traditional in her own beliefs, she is going to do the right thing for the collective.

Is there anything you’d like to say to undecided voters?

Please act out of compassion and do not react to the fear mongering from the No campaign. Research the facts, go and engage with the people who are out rallying for your vote. Talk to some women who have actually got on those planes, or ordered & taken unmarked pills from the web.

Please make the right decision on May 25th, a YES for a progressive compassionate Ireland.