In our latest interview on the upcoming referendum we speak to legendary Irish musician/actor Maria Doyle Kennedy, famed for recent performances in Outlander, Orphan Black and Sing Street.

I will be voting to repeal the 8th.
I believe it is the only compassionate choice.
I trust women.
I trust women and believe that faced with a crisis pregnancy,  they need to be free to make the right decision for themselves.

I understand that some have an opinion that is different to mine. That’s okay, of course. But it is not right for that opinion to impact on other’s freedom to decide. Each woman must be free to make their own choice for their own body, life, family. Anything else is control and repression.

If you are undecided I would urge you to gather reliable information. Make yourself aware of the experience of others.

The Facebook page *In her shoes* is a valuable insight into the difficult journeys that Irish women have been forced to make because of the existence of the 8th amendment.

@louiseckenny gives accurate and clear information on her Twitter feed.

If you are undecided I would ask you to think of others. I would ask you to trust women.