Ahead of their set at KnockanStockan, we caught up with Pillow Queens in their rehearsal space to snap their last rehearsal before heading to 'The Christmas of the Summer'.

See full gallery of rehearsal images:

We asked Pillow Queens a bunch of questions about Knockanstockan, and it went a little like this:

// GoldenPlec: Have you been to Knockanstockan before?

PQ - Sarah: “I've not been but Cathy talks about it all year round so I have very high expectations. I've heard there's a great community vibe when you're down there."

PQ - Cathy: “I've been for many moons. What stood out? It's a group of people who you immediately feel like you've been friends with for years. The bands are great, there's a great respect towards the grassroots music of Ireland which I love. It's magical and my heart lives there all year round."

// GP: Is there anything you think is special about Knockanstockan?

PQ - Cathy: "There's no sense of snobbery. Everyone is a musician and everybody is a spectator. There's no differentiation between the two which is just fab."

//GP: Who are you most looking forward to seeing?

PQ - Sarah: "Bitch Falcon, Bicurious, Thumper & AE Mak. There are loads of Irish bands who are really suited to a festival atmosphere so I'm really looking forward to watching them in that environment."

C: "I'm dying to see Search Party Animals live. Bitch Falcon obviously. Grand. Attention Bebe, Topso, Cathy Davey. Knockanstockan is MY kind of festival so I'm looking forward to seeing everyone really."