Knock Knock ... Knock Knock ... Knock ... Knockan .... KNOCKANSTOCKAN!

Ahead of Otherkins return to KS in 17 days time - we caught up with the guys in their rehearsal space in Dublin. It soon became apparent that the sun gods were treating the land outside with affection - so what started out as an indoor shoot, soon became a frollick outside under the sea of blue.

We asked the guys some questions about KnockanStockan and some standout moments from previous years.

Otherkin - KS Feature-7129

"The rehearsal space is in the basement of a gaff that two of the guys live in. It’s been our space for the last three years and counting."

Otherkin - KS Feature-7147
"How long do we rehearse for? Usually until one of us gets too hungry/cranky/drunk".

Otherkin - KS Feature-7157
"Fuck it, it's too nice outside - let's fuck around out there".

Otherkin - KS Feature-7171
"We’ve all given up our jobs to pursue the band full-time so I guess we’re about to start rehearsing a whole lot more!"

Otherkin - KS Feature-7200
"KS is different because there's no pretense. It's cute like a cupcake"

Otherkin - KS Feature-7188

"It's a really nice setting, the lake is mesmerising. It's really well run, they pay the bands fairly, they run it really well and everyone was super nice."

Otherkin - KS Feature-7208
"Last year the sound guy we had was really nice, he runs Dimestore, all the staff there are really cool. "

Otherkin - KS Feature-7248

"When we got there and got out of the car - there was this guy who was almost naked, and there was this couple in a caravan clothing him with this gross old blanket and he was like "thank you so much!". This was just Saturday morning and we thought "he's only been here less than a day and he's naked". It was beautiful."

Otherkin - KS Feature-7261
"We saw a guy with a T-shirt that said 'Will fuck for coke', which I thought was the best thing I ever read in my life. "

Otherkin - KS Feature-7217

"The vibe is brilliant, the audience is really good. There's some really good homegrown bands and it's great to see that getting more attention. "

Otherkin - KS Feature-

"It's one of the only festivals that's really emphasising Irish acts. "

Otherkin - KS Feature-7268

"Last year even though we were on at a really early time, the crowd was great & really into  there was a lot of people who just stood there and had a great time."

Otherkin - KS Feature-7220

"KnockanStockan is like "let's go listen to music that we don't know" and they have a great time. "

Otherkin - KS Feature-7307

"This year - we're looking forward to Red Enemy and Bitch Falcon."

Otherkin - KS Feature-7314

"Overhead rocked it last year- shout out to our boy Davey P."