Kieran J. Sims is well-known around Limerick as the bassist in Fox Jaw, We Come In Pieces and Theme Tune Boy.

We Come In Pieces released a “Covid-19 Anthem” ‘Lockdown’ in March of 2020, written, recorded and released with a music video in 24 hours, all while socially distant. That lead to the release of the four song EP ‘WCIPEP2’ to raise money for MASI - Movement For Asylum Seekers in Ireland. They are currently working on their fourth album and follow up to 2018’s ’Stop The Rot’.

Theme Tune Boy are currently working back and forth (digitally) behind the scenes demoing new material as a follow up to their album ‘Return Of The Living Dead’.

Fox Jaw released their unfortunately titled album ‘Breathe In The Strange’ less than a month before the country shut down in 2020, finding themselves unable to tour and properly give the album the release that it deserved. Not to let themselves be defeated, they took to creating their COVID Covers series, recorded in isolation in each member's homes across the country every week, ending in a collaboration with musicians from all across Ireland and beyond.

This album was subsequently included in the Library Of Congress digital archive, and is available for streaming online. Multiple live streams and a slot at Other Voices proved 2020 to not be the quiet year Fox Jaw had anticipated when faced with the cancellation of their album launch tour.

We caught up with Sims at Limerick hotspot costello's for a photoshoot with Shane J. Horan and while there we got the bassist to open up about his current musical influences.

Windings - Ambivalence Blues

The first time I heard this song, it blew me away. It’s incredible. I’ve been playing the whole album a bit more these last few weeks, but that line will never not get me. “When it comes to meeting new friends / Try not to think of it as making up numbers for your funeral.”

Cherym - Kisses On My Cards

I will forever be a sucker for anything on the poppier side of the punk spectrum and this song is an absolute earworm. Cherym have more hooks than a tackle box and ‘Kisses On My Cards’ has been on constant rotation since it came out. I can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store.

Chewie - Singing From The Septic Tank

The artists formerly known as Chewing On Tinfoil. This song hit me like a hurricane when it was released. I love Chewie and this song is so dark, and so important. You can only listen to punk songs about how fucked up America is for so long, and I’d rather listen to Chewie sing about a fucked up Ireland any day of the week.

Shardborne - Living Bridges

I miss gigs. I miss The Siege Of Limerick. I miss Shardborne and I want them to be the first band I see live when normality resumes.

Vulpynes - The Motor Is Me

Some of my favourite gigs I’ve played have been with Vulpynes, solely because I got to watch them do their thing. There’s something very ‘Babes In Toyland’ about the primal nature of their music and it immediately gets me going. And the riff when this song kicks in is rapid.

New Pagans - Harbour

Lyndsey’s voice is one of my favourite singing voices that this island has ever produced. And the chorus of this song is so powerful. Absolutely anthemic. I need to see them live.

Bitch Falcon - I’m Ready Now

This song literally gets me up in the mornings. It holds me over until I make myself a coffee. The bass in this song is just so filthy in all the right ways. Just another name on the ever-growing list of bands I can not wait to see live again.

God Alone - Láimhe

God Alone are the best band to ever come out of Cork. There, I said it. They’re way better than Slugbait anyways, that’s for sure.

Kerbdog - Didn’t Even Try

Periods of this last year have at times made me feel like I’m a grounded 15 year old, not allowed out of the house. And I definitely reverted back to a few songs and albums I loved when I was around that age. So naturally, I picked up both of the Kerbdog vinyl reissues last year and they’ve been getting some serious airplay in my house ever since. This song was on nearly every mixtape and CD I made going to school.

Annas Anchor - Shannon Bridge

I’ve known Marty for years, back when our old (very old) defunct pop-punk bands used to play together. To see him come from some of the absolutely dreadful gigs we played together over the years to where he is now is fantastic and completely deserved. This song has quickly become what I listen to around quittin’ time to start my evening.

Check out the full photo set from Shane J. Horan below.