It’s easy to see why some bands are really successful despite releasing consistently average music. Take Coldplay, the worse they get the bigger they get.

And then there are bands who despite consistently releasing excellent music always seem to fly under the radar, no matter how good their material is.

In Hidden Pleasures one of our writers introduces you to 5 of their favourite acts who deserve more credit than they get.

This week it's Ally Daly's turn to introduce you to her selection of Hidden Pleasures.

Jeff Rosenstock

Long Island native Jeff Rosenstock was part of bands like Kudrow and The Arrogant Sons of Bitches, but after musical collective Bomb the Music Industry! disbanded, Rosenstock started his solo career.

That was 2012. Now, Rosenstock has six solo releases under his belt, the most recent being 'Post-' which was released earlier this year.

Infectious and uplifting, Rosenstock's music bursts with life. If you could tone ska down a little, you'd probably end up with something like this.

Racquet Club

Racquet Club are attempting to rejuvenate emo rock. While bands like American Football have floundered trying to relaunch themselves, and Sunny Day Real Estate are all but an echo in the background, it is refreshing to see a new band paving the way for another generation of the genre.

Their 2017 self-titled debut, produced by Alex Newport (Bloc Party, Frank Turner), comprised of songs ranging from the poppy Let Beauty Find You to more traditionally emo Head Full of Bees and succeeded in returning some joy to a genre gone stale.


2017 was a big year for Atlanta's Blis, who signed to Sargent House and released their first LP, 'No One Loves You'.

Blis manage to be uplifting yet harrowing, with the audacious lyrics penned by frontman Aaron Gossett taking on themes from parenthood to the struggles of his religious beliefs.

Their mix of '90s alternative rock sounds with frenetic math rock riffs provide the perfect  foundation for Gossett's effeminate vocals.

Mom Jeans

Self-proclaimed emo sad boys, Mom Jeans are another band that are bringing the glory days of '90s alternative rock back to the fore, accompanied a serious brass section.

Frenetic drumming melds with thumping bass to form a solid foundation for mathy guitar riffs to sail above. It's a combination of sounds that fluctuates wildy, never staying in one place for too long.

With relatable pop punk style lyrics and delivery, serpentine riffs and more than a few surprise instrument additions thrown in, it's hard to not enjoy.


Who brought a violin to a math rock band and made it work? Chancer, apparently. The contrast between fervent drumming, intricate guitar riffs and delicate violin is something that you really have to listen to, to grasp.

Despite only being around since late 2016 and only releasing a smattering of singles, Chancer have earned a name for themselves thanks to their raucous live shows.

Yes, it was only a matter of time before an Irish band performed under the moniker of Chancer, but they've made a good first of it.