Another one bites the dust. Le Galaxie are the latest act to exit the Irish music scene stage left on their own terms. We first saw Le Galaxie at a free midnight show in Whelan's on June 11th 2010. Nine and a half years later, they leave us having played every major festival in Ireland and having enriched the lives of thousands of people with their high energy performances. It was obvious from that short set in Whelan's that they had the potential to go far but as our review from that night below shows we aren't remembering it through rose-tinted glasses.

"Le Galaxie are a fierce electro-rock quartet. Aggressive, swaggering and ardent, from the first beat to the last. Live drums, bass, guitar, and synths align beautifully with programmed beats, synths and samples. Michael Galaxie is a distinctive front-man: captivating, Shaman come ringmaster. Demanding your attention. begoggled glaring eyes or microphone in hand he pounds his body around the cramped stage. Anthony Galaxie the Brian Eno type figure to his left is surrounded by a raft of equipment which he jumps too and from frequently like a mad scientist; While bassist David Galaxie has shimmied himself into a state of indie bliss.

The Le Galaxie sound is a mix of Zodiak Free Arts Center era Berlin, Gary Numan, Kraftwerk, Bowie instrumentals and Devo with more modern references to Daft Punk and Goose. Two songs in and the crowd is hooked, applause is loud and dancing soon becomes mandatory. In this battle of humans Vs machines the audience is the winner. Le Galaxie are a highly recommended treat, catch them live before they hit light-speed."

Le Galaxie would go on to produce 3 albums, but 'Laserdisc Nights 2' will probably be the one that stays with us. Memories of glowsticks in the Workman's Club and the Jurassic Park theme tune reverberating around 'Midnight at The Olympia' in an unbridled, collective moment of joy. Le Galaxie gave us all they had to give. And who could ask for more?

Below is a selection of photos Team GP has taken of Le Galaxie over the last decade. Click on an image to expand.