Funk, and American-Funk in particular, is seeing a massive resurgence all across the globe. Bands such as Vulfpeck are leading the way on these waters and that popularity is already starting to breed inspiration.

Chief Keegan are an instrumental funk band from Dublin who will be no strangers to seasoned gig-goers or Irish musicians alike.

Comprised of Luke Dunford on keys, Mark Dudley on guitar, Alan Elliott on bass and Cian Hanley (multiple member of Plec Picks acts) on drums.

The the band cite Vulfpeck, The Meters, Lettuce and The New Mastersounds as influences and you can hear that in their bluesy/funky execution that tip-toes along with a deep infectious groove!

The band have come to GoldenPlec to release their first recorded single and video for the superbly titled 'Crispy Salmon Behaviour'.

Wrap your wee ear traps around this:

If you likey what your hear, we're delighted to announce that Chief Keegan will be playing their next show at The Underground onĀ April 12th. Check out their FB page for more info here.