Best of 2014 - Irish EP

5) Sissy

In just four short blasts of garage-punk, Sissy's debut EP makes a strong feminist statement with humour and catchy songs - but true to the serious issues, there's real anger behind the ironic detachment.

4) I Have A Tribe – Yellow Raincoats EP

Taking feelings of crippling sadness and finding beauty in them by robbing them of their permanence, instead making them into something formal and transient.

3) Elastic Sleep - Leave You

It’s a shoegaze cocktail that’s been spiked with acid. This is a quite brilliant EP that announces Elastic Sleep as the real deal.

2) Wyvern Lingo - The Widow Knows EP

Karen Cowley, Saoirse Duane and Caoimhe Barry have a long and prosperous musical voyage ahead of them. ‘The Widow Knows EP’ is a fine place from which to launch it.

1) Zaska - Different Light

From intelligent to cheeky raps, the powerful to velvet-soft vocals and the groovy brass and strident strings; it's a musical lucky bag. One you can't resist dipping into.